Popular Corporate Christmas Gifts For Everyone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and yet it’s also the most expensive one. Christmas is definitely the time for gift-giving and it seems to be a requirement or perhaps a tradition for everyone to give their co-worker, employee, boss, client, business partner, loyal customer or anybody related to their business a gift of any kind.  There are many gift items you can choose for your corporate Christmas gifts. In choosing the right gift, you need to consider the interest and personal taste of your recipient. Nevertheless, there are a few timeless gift items you can choose from.   Here are some of the gift items that you can use as corporate Christmas gifts for this year.

1) Christmas cards – This is perhaps the most practical way of expressing your appreciation to anyone who has made any contributions to your business. Most companies give out Christmas greeting cards as it clearly sends their message to the recipient, let alone in beautiful print.  

2) Calendars – Calendars are the cheapest and safest gifts a company can give out to their customers during the holiday season. They get to remember your company in the coming year as it carries your company name and logo.

3) Gift certificates or vouchers – Another great idea for corporate Christmas gift are gift certificates or vouchers, especially if you’re clueless as to what type of gift will be appreciated by your recipient. This will also relieve you from the stress of spending an entire day thinking of and looking for the right gift to give.  Gift certificates and vouchers are quite helpful, too, if you’re planning to give someone something from his favorite clothing line but do not know his taste or size. This will eliminate the risk of wasting your money on an item your recipient will not even use. Gift vouchers and certificates are not just limited to clothes and apparel. It includes restaurants, health spa, special courses, consumer, and other non-consumer products. Remember, it is best to give gift certificates and vouchers with specific amount than to give cash of equivalent value.

4) Promotional items – Promotional items like key chains, key holders, paperweight, pen sets, shirts, umbrellas, and wall clocks are good corporate Christmas gifts especially to regular employees and loyal customers. It brings the company’s name right into the homes and offices and at the hands of people without spending a lot on advertisement.

5) Gift basket – This is one of the most common corporate Christmas gifts a company can give during Christmas. It can be anything from a chocolate gift basket, a wine gift basket, a gourmet gift basket to other types of goodies loaded in one basket with a size that will surely impress its recipient. It’s definitely a great way of sending your thanks to a business partner or a client.

6) Wine or liquor – Most businessmen use drinking as a way to celebrate Christmas. Hence, wine or liquor is another great idea for a corporate Christmas gift. A specific brand your recipient prefers to have will be more appreciated.

When choosing a perfect corporate Christmas gift, don’t focus on the price alone. Instead, try to choose those that will appreciated by your recipient. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.